Submission Guidelines

We represent both fiction and non-fiction, but we are taking on very few new representations as we insist on bringing a personalized and quality service to all our authors. We are generally looking for authors with a strong writing, a mastery of language, a passionate, expert or original perspective on the subject, and a gift for storytelling.

We do not represent poetry, screenplays, theatre.

We receive many submissions daily, so please be patient. We usually take about six months to give an answer. Do please understand that while it is not possible for us to give a personal and detailed response to each and every query, we do read them all.


We accept manuscripts in English and Polish.


We do not accept postal submissions. Please send all queries to our query email account:

To be able to decide whether we might make a good match, we need the following material and information:

A query letter (be sure it includes both genre and word count) in the body of the email

A short synopsis (1 or 2 pages maximum) attached to the mail (in PDF or Word format)

An information sheet about yourself, attached to the mail (in PDF or Word format)

Your manuscript, attached to the mail (in PDF or Word format)

Please do not paste your manuscript within the body of the mail as it makes it impossible to read. Any information you wish to give us should appear in your query letter – your website will not suffice. Please do not direct us to other websites than your own.

We will automatically reject all submissions that are poorly presented.


For non-fiction submissions, we need more detailed information about you. Please let us know what special qualifications and new insight you bring to your subject. If you have any special access to potential readers, please let us know; also please tell us if you speak foreign languages. Please understand that these are the first things a publisher will ask when considering a non-fiction project.


Be sure you have revised your manuscript, that you have reworked your grammar and spelling. Do not send us your first draft.